Stove Boards

Heat and fire may spark up in front of a fireplace or wood stove. With Stove Boards made by The HY-C Company, also known as a hearth extender, will help protect the floor from heat and sparks in front of your fireplace or wood stove. They are constructed of an embossed printed steel that is over 1/2" thick with a specially formulated fiber board that is non-combustible. HY-C also manufacturers a wall spacer installation kit that allows all UL-Lined Stove Boards to be used as wall shields. This Spacer Kit is UL1618 Type 2 tested and will provide 1" of airspace between the wall and the stove board and also reduces the clearance between the stove and the wall.

HY-C UL Lined Thermal Protection Stoveboards - Wall Protector or Floor Protector - Type 2 - Single Pack
HY-C UL Lined Thermal Protection Stove Board
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HY-C Wall Spacer Kit
HY-C Wall Spacer Installation Kit
Price: $32.50
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