Animal Control Screens & Vents

Animals can get into almost any part of the home. With a HY-C Animal Control Screen or Vent, entrance of the home from animals are greatly reduced. Available are dryer/bathroom vent guards which protect against dryer vents or bathroom exhaust vents depending on the type chosen. Foundation and soffit vent guards are a metal mesh design keeps away pesky rodents, snakes, birds, or other small animals from foundations and soffits. Raccoon Screens will keep raccoons only away from entering the home through a chimney. Most animal control vents and screens are available in a galvanized steel or stainless steel finish and come in many different sizes.

HY-C Dryer Ventguard
HY-C Dryer or Bathroom VentGuard
Available in 3 Options
Price Range: $34.06 - $166.95
HY-C Foundation VentGuards
HY-C Foundation VentGuards - 10 Pack
Available in 6 Options
Price Range: $154.95 - $235.51
HY-C Roof Vent Guard
HY-C Roof VentGuard
Available in 36 Options
Price Range: $32.92 - $399.95
Racoon Screens
HY-C Raccoon Screens
Available in 6 Options
Price Range: $51.66 - $87.26
HY-C Soffit VentGuards
HY-C Soffit VentGuards
Available in 6 Options
Price Range: $136.50 - $158.03
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