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HY-C Fire Pit Relaxation

Enjoy a unique fire pit experience without the smoke, sparks, and cleanup hassles. The Flame Genie Fire Pit by HY-C produces maximum enjoyable flame utilizing a gravitational afterburner system which also minimizes smoke. It is lightweight, easily transportable, and must be used on a non-combustible surface. They are used with wood pellets, which produces minimal ash and requires less cleanup.

Flame Genie is unique because of its air flow. This fire pit by HY-C creates air flow that will go through the bottom grate, aiding in pellet combustion. It also flows through the lower outside holes into the heating chamber. The air is heated up and rises through the chamber of Flame Genie.

HY-C Flame Genie Wood Pellet Fire Pit
HY-C Flame Genie Wood Pellet Fire Pit
Price: $106.64
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