Our ZipWall Products are a great way to control dust in the home. They are what you call a Dust Barrier System and can be used anywhere in a home, most notably near windows and door ways. These products are a great tool to have for any job and are available in multiple items.

ZipWall FR2 Foam Rails, 2-Pack
ZipWall Foam Rail - 2 Pack
Price: $54.05
Closeout: $44.95
ZipWall SC2 Side Clamp, 2-Pack
ZipWall Side Clamp - 2 Pack
Price: $60.00
Closeout: $39.97
ZipPoll 4 Pack from ZipWall
ZipWall ZipPole - 4 Pack
Price: $183.81
Closeout: $119.97
ZipWall ZipPole ZP2
ZipWall ZipPole - 2 Pack
Price: $135.13
Closeout: $129.99
ZipWall AZ2 Standard Zipper, 2-Pack
ZipWall Zipper - 2 Pack
Price: $39.99
Closeout: $19.73
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