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Malco Connext Kits

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Product Information


The Malco Connext Kits are everything you need in one small package to get nearly any job done. Each kit is designed to cover a wide variety of jobs and come in a tough Cordura Pouch secured with Velcro. The magnetic CONNEXT kit is sure to be the only driver you'll ever need.


  • Color Coded
  • Designed to last for life
  • Handles feature quick connect holder
  • Forward or reverse ratchet driving mechanism
  • Clear molded acetate full grip
  • Accepts any 1/4-inch hex shank power drive or insert bit


SKU Full Grip Ratcheting Full Grip Stubby Grip 1/4in. 5/16in. 3/8in.
CONNEXT6 Not Included (2) Short & Long (2) Short & Long (2) Short & Long
CONNEXT4 (3) Short, Medium, & Long (3) Short, Medium, & Long Not Included
CONNEXT5 (3) Short, Medium, & Long (3) Short, Medium, & Long (3) Short, Medium, & Long

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