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OSI QUAD Foam Sealant (Carton of 12)

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Manufacturer Part Number: 1866185

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The OSI Quad Foam Window and Door Sealant is designed to seal bigger gaps, holes or cracks around interior and exterior windows and door frames. It has a closed cell structure that blocks air and moisture at the point of application. This spray foam can be used in any other areas where air can slip through or heat can escape as well. The Quad foam sealant bonds to most materials and can be trimmed in under an hour. Quad Foam Window and Door Sealant features a low pressure expansion to prevent additional stress or pressure on doors and windows while providing an insulation value of R5. Quad window and door foam sealant is flexible and won't crack or dry out over time.


  • Designed for insulating around window and door frames
  • Available in Tan only
  • R5 insulation value
  • Resists moisture
  • Flexible and resistance to cracking and drying
  • Quick setting: can be cut or trimmed in less than 1 hour
  • Does not affect door or window frame or structure


  • Capacity: 21.1 oz. cans
  • Color: Tan
  • A 1/2in. (12.7 mm) bead size will deliver approximately 409 ft. (99 m) of foam

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