Loctite GO2 Repair Adhesive Putty (6 Packs Per Carton)

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Loctite GO2 Repair Adhesive Putty - 10g (6 Packs Per Carton)

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Manufacturer Part Number: 1722005

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Product Information


The Loctite GO2 Repair Adhesive Putty consists of a two-component easy-to-knead epoxy that will fill or bond certain materials. This putty provides a fast cure and gap filling seal that has no shrinkage and can be sanded down, drilled, or painted. GO2 Repair Putty is used for rebuild metal, ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, cork, terra cotta, plaster, and granite drawer knobs.


  • Dries white
  • High impact resistance
  • Won’t crack when drilled
  • Molds into different shapes
  • Will fit into any shape of crack
  • Does not shrink
  • One-time application
  • Sandable and paintable
  • Blends with surroundings
  • Water resistant
  • Outdoor use

Not Recommended For

  • Bonding plastics, polyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE
  • Structural applications or systems under pressure (i.e. hot water tanks, water supply)
  • Potable water systems
  • Underwater applications
  • Bonds at temperatures above 158°F or fills above 248°F


  • Open Time: Maximum 3 minutes after mixing
  • Handling time: Hard in 5-10 minutes
  • Curing Time: Maximum strength after 24 hours

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