Tapco Side Winder

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Tapco Side Winder Coil Holder

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Manufacturer Part Number: 10776

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If you are a heavy user of your Tapco Brake, then you know that handling coil can be a pain, with you lifting it up off the ground every time you need to cut a piece to bend. The Brake by itself does not allow for an easy way to store and use coil, that is where the Side Winder comes into play. The Side Winder is designed to attach quickly to your PRO Brake and allows for coil to be fed directly onto the jaws of the brake, reducing the amount of time to set up and feed your coil. The Side Winder also has a guide for the PRO Cut-Off to assist in reducing material waste by making precision cuts along the Side Winder.


  • Attaches quickly to 8ft.-6in. & 10ft.-6in. PRO Brakes
  • Enables quick feed of coil into brake while keeping coil off the ground
  • Handles up to 100 feet of coil at one time
  • Engineered to allow quick movement of coil right onto jaws of brake
  • Three coil design to make movement of coil simple and quick
  • Includes guide for PRO Cut-Off
  • Attaches quickly to all PRO Series Brakes
    (Note: Excludes brakes made before 1995 & 12ft.-6in. Brakes)


  • Make: Tapco
  • Model: Side Winder
  • Maximum Coil Size: 24in. x 100ft.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 50lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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Tapco Side Winder on Brake