PVC Column Wraps Discount

Column Wraps

Fypon PVC Column Wraps is a two-piece design that helps reduce installation time and wraps around an existing treated wood post or other structural support. The Fypon Premium Select comes in a complete kit (that includes the shaft, cap, base, installation cleat, hardware and tube of adhesive, and installation materials.) while the ProSelect is just the column wrap, cap, and base.

The wraps are available in taper or non-tapered, different designs, widths, and heights and can be used in both interior and exterior applications. Because Fypon column wraps are constructed out of PVC, they will not rot, chip, flake or required to be painted. Column Wrap does not come in contact with the structural post, the integrity of the wrap is not dependent on the support.

Fypon offers alternate cap, bases, neck mold, installation kit and a structural post for all your column wraps needs.