Warning Lines & Guardrails

Warning Lines and Guardrails create a safe surrounding while on a roof. Tie Down's warning lines are available in three options, Perimeter, EZ-Store, and Tri-Leg. Perimeter warning lines come with either 3 or 4 stanchions, depending on the option chosen, can only be used as warning lines, and cannot be used as a guard rail. Tri-Leg warning lines have 3 folding legs and the EZ-Store warning line has 4 legs. The Tri-Leg and EZ-Store also come equipped with 4 stanchions, 100ft. of warning line pennants, and a retractable carry handle. Permanent warning lines are a cost-effective option when guardrails are not practical. They come with 6 galvanized bases and vertical line tubes, 100ft. of safety yellow coated cable, and metal warning lines that are permanently attached every 6ft. Replacement warning line pennants are also available from Tie Down in 60ft. or 100ft. options.

Guardrails from Tie Down are available in three options - Parapet Wall and Universal Guardrail System, Steep Slope Guardrails, and Rake Edge Guardrails. Parapet Wall and Universal Guardrails are a simple to use guardrail system for parapet walls and floor slabs that consist of adjustable rail brackets for an effortless and rapid attachment of 2 x 4's. Steep Slope Guardrails consists of pitch positions from a 4/12 to a 16/12 pitch. Tie Down Rake Edge Guardrails are for use on all rake edges or eaves with 4/12 pitch or less. All Tie Down warning lines and guardrails comply with OSHA standards.

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