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Balustrades System

Fypon balustrade systems can transform your porch, patio, or balcony into a beautiful outdoor living area. Fypon smooth balustrades are available in three systems: 5in., 7in. and 12in. This size designates the width of the top and bottom rail. In addition to these three sizes, the balusters are short vertical columns, sometimes called spindles that are used to fill the area between railings, flooring, or treads and help support existing railing structure. Fypon offers a stone-textured system, which has a 6in. wide top and bottom rail. Fypon is pre-primed and ready to paint or stain with an exterior grade 100% acrylic latex paint or non-penetrating gel stain. Fypon also offers many accessories to complete or add the finishing touches to your project including newels, posts, and caps and bases. Like all Fypon polyurethane products, these railing systems are designed to withstand weather conditions, rotting, and warping. For each baluster, we have noted a center spacing dimension. This is the maximum center-to-center distance between balusters that does not allow a 4in. ball to pass through at any point. The number of balusters you need can be found by dividing the rail span, in inches, by the center spacing dimension shown under each part. When dividing gives you a fractional result, always round up to the next whole number.. Each rail section (span between two newel posts) will require two rail installation kits. Rail installation kits will connect both ends of one rail to a wall, newel post or column.

PLEASE NOTE: Fypon rail installation kits will not work on stair applications. Top and bottom rails do not come pre-drilled. Each newel post will require one newel post installation kit (NPK) to anchor the base of the Post, as well as any post tops, balls or trim collars desired. The maximum rail span distance for field applications is 96in.