NovaGuard manufacturers specialized sealants such as their NovaFlex and NovaBond lineups. NovaFlex sealants are available in a multi-purpose adhesive sealant and a metal roof sealant. The Multi-Purpose adhesive is ideal for sealing windows, gutters, vinyl siding, trim coil, metal roofs, re-glazing broken glass, and more. Metal roof adhesives from NovaGard create a strong seal on areas such as metal roofs and gutters. The NovaBond lineup consists of a textured hybrid sealant and a hybrid construction sealant, with the main difference being the joint movement. The hybrid construction sealant has a joint movement of +/- 35 percent and the textured hybrid sealant has a joint movement of +/- 25 percent. NovaGard adhesives and sealants have many color options to chose from and are only available in a carton of 12 tubes.