TranzSporter Ladder Hoists

The TranzSporter Ladder Hoists are designed for lifting shingles and other materials up a ladder quickly and safely. These roofing hoists can haul up to 250 or 400 pounds of shingles and other roofing material up to the rooftop, eliminating the risk of injury carrying them up a ladder by hand. In addition to lifting shingles, it is also possible to lift solar panels and plywood to the roof effectively and damage-free by using the TranzSporter Solar Panel and Plywood Carrier and TranzSporter Secondary Handle Kit (both are sold separately). Each power ladder lift has the capacity to maintain a productive and secure work environment.

These shingle hoists are available in three motor options: Honda Gas, Lifan Gas, or Electric. Operation of the TranzSporter shingle lift is simple as it uses a foot pedal and a handle brake control. The TranzSporter TP250 and TP400 Ladder Hoists are equipped with an aluminum base that is 4 foot high, and three 8 foot sections. Optional 4 foot and 8 foot track extensions can be added to your hoist for a maximum height of 44 feet tall. The TranzSporter Telescoping Support Brace is a required item for any additional track extension that is added.