Food Plot Seed, Minerals, and Attractants

Whitetail Institute Spring/Fall Regional Planting Maps

Each hunting season requires differents minerals, seeds, herbicides, and attractants to produce the best food plots. To ensure the best results each year, start by using herbicides such as Slay, Arrest, or Sure-Fire Crop Oil, to help eliminate unwanted grass and weeds in your clover fields throughout the spring and summer. Once set in place, you can plant your seed.

A wide variety of seeds and minerals are offered, depending on what season you are planting in. There are perennial and annual seeds available for both fall and spring. Most of these food plots offer high antler-building protein and nutrition as well as a great taste to attract deer. Along with regular seed, you can also use additional Kraze deer attractant. This attractant is convenient for hunters who may not necessarily have time to plant food plots.

Whitetail Institute Spring/Fall Planting Guide