Rikon Tools

Rikon Tools manufactures several lines of woodworking power tools for any work shop. They are best known for their bandsaws, bench grinders, and buffers. Bandsaws are available in 10in., 14in., 18in., and 24in. sizes. Bandsaws will cut through several different types of material, depending on the power tool selected. Bench Grinders available in 3 different types of speeds and styles, are woodworking tools ideal for metal cleaning, shaping, grinding, and sharpening items. The 1 HP bench grinder will do more advance, tough grinding jobs, finesse shaping, and sharpening of hand tools. Buffers from Rikon Tools will put a quick, finishing edge on tools or buff a high gloss shine on materials. Additional shop power tools are available including drill presses, lathes, mortise machines, planers & jointers, sanders, table saws, and wet sharpeners, and accessories for all of the woodworking power tools line

Rikon also manufacturers Air Filtration and Dust Collection systems. Air filtration systems create a safe and breathable work space within any work shop. There are two different systems available, a 1/4 HP motor and a 1/6 HP motor, as well as filtration system filters. Dust collectors are designed to draw away small particles from wood working machines and keep air quality high. Dust extractors are simple shop vac style collectors. Replacement filters and cartridges are also available from Rikon Tools for the dust collection system.