Whitetail Institute Spring/Fall Regional Planting Maps

Planting food plot seed for attracting deer offers many different options to choose from. What kinds of food plots you want to grow will depend on if you want to plant in the spring or plant in the fall, what region you live in, and for what purposes. Download our Spring / Fall planting guide to see when to plant specific seeds in your region.

The Imperial Winter Peas Plus is an annual food plot seed perfect for resisting extremely cold temperatures and offers excellent early/late season tonnage and attraction. Products like the Imperial Whitetail Clover however, is a perennial, which means you plant them once and that single planting could last up to 5 years. This product offers high protein content for producing bigger and healthier deer to hunt. Before planting your seeds, be sure to use a soil-test kit or herbicide product if necessary.

Whitetail Institute Spring/Fall Planting Guide
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