Rikon Dust Collectors

One minor drawback of using wood working tools is that after a few minutes of operation, saw dust is all over the place with no way to contain them. Rikon offers dust collection systems that are specifically designed to keep sawdust contained safely. Dust collectors are large, tube like machines that will draw away small particles from wood working power tools. They are available in a 1, 1-/2, or 2 HP motor model and contains a 5 year manufactures warranty. The portable dust collector from Rikon has a single, 4in. dust port that draws 660 CRM of vacuum power and built-in casters that make mobility easy and safe. Rikon's Dust Extractor is a small canister-type vacuum system with a 12 gallon capacity, and 1.5 HP motor. It is easily portable from machine to machine with its top carrying handle. Replacement dust collector filters and bags are also available from Rikon Tools to keep your dust collection system from over-loading of saw dust and other debris.