Bilco Egress Wells

Window wells allow natural daylight ventilation for lower level living spaces and basements. Bilco offers two choices of window well designs as part of a complete emergency egress system. All Bilco egress window wells are made of high density polyethylene that will never rot, rust, or change color and are virtually maintenance free. Bilco window wells and extensions come with a five year manufacturer's warranty and will satisfy the IRC 2012 Building Code Requirements for emergency egress.

The StakWEL modular system allows size customization compared to standard window wells. Each module can be stacked together and used on foundations up to ten feet deep. The single module StakWEL works well with 16”, 20”, and 24” utility windows.

The ScapeWel window well features a Planter design that functions as a planter for flowers or plants and as steps out of the window well in case of an emergency. These wells are available in a number of sizes to accommodate virtually any foundation height or window dimension. In addition, Bilco offers well extensions for the ScapeWEL that attaches to the bottom of the well.