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Deck Balusters

DecKorators Balusters (also known as spindles) are aluminum balusters that are designed to help bring your deck ideas to reality. The standard traditional balusters come in 5 different types, Arc, Baroque, Classic, Estate, and Traditional. They range in heights from 26in. to 36in. and come in different colors. You can add a basket or collar to the baluster for additional details. These aluminum balusters consist of a powder coating of an AAMA2604-compliant material, which provides five times the outdoor exposure and twice the humidity exposure as AAMA2603. When installing the balusters, please use 2.5 balusters per linear foot to be eligible for the DecKorators limited lifetime 25-year warranty. DecKorators also manufacturers a Scenic Clear View Glass Baluster to create an unobstructed view and have baluster heights ranging from 26in. to 32in.

DecKorators Aluminum Powder Coated Balusters
DecKorators Aluminum Powder Coated Balusters
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