Roofing Boots

Roofing boots by Cougar Paws are designed for roofers to be safe, secure, and productive while on a roof. They have a breathable boot lining that helps keep the foot dry and comfortable for the duration of any job. Cougar Paws manufacturers two style boots, the Peak Performer and the Estimator. Both lines of boots are true to size and do not run a 1/2 size larger for most feet.

The Peak Performance boot is great for anyone that will be on a roof for multiple hours of the day. It has a protective finish with padded ankles, cushioning, and a reinforced toe.

Estimator style boots manufactured by Cougar Paws, are great for the contractor doing an estimate of a roof only as well as any short term work on a roof that requires an hour or two. The Estimator is a lighter weight boot than the Peak Performer.

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