Gutter Protection Former & Accessories

A gutter protection former by Van Mark, also known as a Trim-A-Gutter, is designed to take a 4 foot piece of trim coil and bend it into a gutter cover. This gutter cover allows for rain fall to go directly into the gutter, while debris and leaves go off the side of a home and not inside the gutter. The Trim-A-Gutter can be installed directly onto any cam-lock Van Mark brake, or on a Van Mark UniLeg UNL1 Stand when in use.

With the Trim-A-Gutter, the brackets or clips are necessary to complete gutter hood installation. A Trim-A-Gutter Bracket will install into the gutter, gutter hood, and for security screw into the back of a fascia board. Brackets are available for either 5in. or 6in. gutters.

Trim-A-Gutter Clips are a cost effective way of installing gutter protection hoods. These clips hook onto the gutter and gutter protection, without having to be screwed into the fascia board or gutter. Van Mark manufacturers the Trim-A-Gutter Clips as a universal clip that will work on both 5in. and 6in. gutters.