Post Kits, Covers, & Trim Discount

Post Kits, Covers, & Trim

Deck railing posts are fundamental to the structure of any railing. Posts ensure sturdiness of the railing, but also offer an appealing decorative component to a deck or porch. A wide variety of high-quality post kits, covers, and trim are available to best suit any style of railing. The available post kits are made of durable aluminum, are offered in a wide selection of sizes and colors, and most contain a cap and base to make installation easier. Post covers slide on or wrap around structural railing posts to add a durable barrier between the post and the elements. Choose from cast stone post covers that are manufactured with fiberglass-reinforced concrete, or post sleeves that are non-structural vinyl jackets designed to slide over posts and come in a variety of colors. Post base trim, also known as post skirts, are offered to add a finishing touch to the bottom of posts and to help conceal the gaps between the posts and decking. Wood and PVC post base trims are available with a wide selection of styles, colors, and sizes.