The Safety Hoist Company Ladder Hoists

Safety Hoist Ladder Hoists

Steel based shingle lifts will remove the dangers of hauling heavy items such as shingles, felt, and heavy power tools from the ground to the top of a roof. The Safety Hoist Company's line of ladder hoists are available to lift roofing materials at a 200 pound, 300 pound, or 400 pound capacity, depending on the option chosen. They are lightweight, portable, and have a 100 percent ball bearing winch. Each laddervator from Safety Hoist is OSHA approved and available in a Honda Gas, Briggs and Statton, or Electric motor (only available for the CH200 model). Each ladder hoist from The Safety Hoist Company has a different total length of ladders associated with it. The Safety Hoist Support brace is a required item for any additional track extensions added. The CH200 and VH300 model ladders have a total of 26.5 ft. of ladder sections and the HD400 model from Safety Hoist has a total length of 28ft. of ladders.

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