Ladder Hoist Accessories

In addition to the roof conveyor themselves, The Safety Hoist Company also offers optional accessories and add-ons that can improve the abilities of your platform hoist. Purchasing additional accessories for your shingle lift enables you to fully maximize the usage of your roofing hoist. The Safety Hoist Support brace is used to stabilize your ladder hoist when exceeding lengths of 28 feet. The right accessories can strengthen any equipment, even if you think it already offers peak performance. The Utility Tray with deck extender efficiently raises heavy roofing tools and construction materials, while expanding your deck width by 18 inches. Among the accessories designed for the shingle lift ladder are the solar panel and plywood attachment, and also the Hoist Standoff that was constructed to prevent damage to the roof, siding, gutters, and roofing structure when transporting items to the platform of your structure.

Safety Hoist Support Brace
Price: $578.98
Closeout: $405.23
Safety Hoist Track Extension with Splice Plate
Price: $624.69
Closeout: $437.22
The Emergency Stop from Safety Hoist Company
Price: $959.89
Closeout: $671.83
Safety Hoist Ladder Hoist Unloading Ramp
Price: $677.93
Closeout: $474.55
Safety Hoist Ladder Hoist Solar Panel Cradle
Price: $792.30
Closeout: $554.53
Safety Hoist Utility Tray with Deck Extender
Price: $693.26
Closeout: $485.21