Power Saws

DeWalt Power Saw

DeWalt Power Saws feature several different options for all cutting needs. Reciprocating saws are available in three different options - the 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw only, 20V MAX saw, and 60V MAX Brushless kit. The 10 AMP reciprocating saw is a corded saw and the 20V MAX is a cordless saw where the blades, battery, and charger is sold separately. The 60V MAX Reciprocating Saw is a cordless power saw and comes as a kit that features 1 reciprocating saw, 1 DeWalt DCB606 60V MAX Battery, 1 DeWalt DCB118 20/60V MAX Fast Charger, 1 Blade, and 1 contractor bag.

Circular Saws from DeWalt come with or without an electric brake, depending on the option selected. The electric brake stops the blade as soon as the trigger on the saw is released, allowing for a user to make the next cut sooner. Circular Saws are available in a corded saw without the electric brake, a corded saw with an electric brake, a cordless 20V MAX kit with the electric brake, and a 60V MAX kit with the electric brake. Also available from DeWalt is a 12in. Double Sliding Compound Miter Saw and a 10in. Compact Job Site Saw Table. These corded power saws have a lightweight design and will cut through any dimensional lumber.