FT Synthetics

FT Synthetics Roofing Underlayments and Protective coverings are made to help protect your home while keeping you safe. The protective coverings are ideal for preserving a flooring when having work done in a home. The underlayments are made to help prevent moisture, air, water, ice, bugs, and more from infiltrating your roof and causing mold, leaks or other damage. Plus both the protective coverings and underlayments come with the Gripspot non-slip technology. This technology makes it safer as it adds extra grip to prevent you from slipping or even falling. FT Synthetics has put a modern twist on original floor coverings and felt underlayments. FT Synthetics products also include the new Copperhead Flashing Tapes. The Copperhead products are self-adhering roofing seam tape and joist and beam tape. These tapes allow their surfaces underneath them to breathe preventing moisture, mold, mildew, which could eventually lead to rot.