Red Head Concrete Fastening System

Red Head is an concrete fastening system that has different types of anchors, for different types of concrete applications. The popular Sleeve Anchors are versatile and can be used in fastening hand rails, window frames, partitions, cabinets, shelves, and pipe supports. Hammer-Set anchors fasten electrical boxes, conduit clips, roof flashing, plywood, and 2 x lumber. Poly-Set Anchor are light duty anchors that attach bathroom accessories, curtain rods, and shelving to areas such as drywall, concrete, brick, and block. The Drop-In Anchors from Red Head require the Drop-In Anchor Setting Tool, which drives its corresponding anchor into solid concrete, overhead fastening applications such as transformers, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. Also available from Red Head is the A7+ Concrete Anchor Adhesive. This all-weather, high strength adhesive is manufactured to securely anchor threaded rods and rebar to cured masonry and concrete.