Teks Metal Fasteners

Teks metal fasteners are an ITW branded manufacturer that specializes in Self-Piercing, Metal Roofing, and Lath Screws. The Teks self-piercing screws are great for thicker gauge metal projects such as roofing, HVAC, steel stud framing, gutters, and register vents. Teks roofing screws are great for attaching corrugated roofing panels. Lath Screws from Teks are ideal for securing into stucco, plaster, and other metal applications. All Teks fasteners have a self-drilling, drill point option and a self-tapping, sharp point option screw available. Self-drilling screws allows for no pilot hole being needed before installing onto the material. Self-Tapping screws requires a pilot hole to be drilled, prior to installation, that is slightly smaller than the screws diameter.

Teks Lath Screws
Price: $93.74
Teks Roofing Screws
Price: $71.03