Spring Seed Planting

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Whitetail Institute's Spring Seed Planting is perfect for attracting deer in the spring and summer months. These tend to be drought-resistant and come in many different varieties of plantings. Conceal is a reliable, annual planting that provides cover for ground stands, deer, and hunters, and it is capable of growing up to 8 feet tall. Alfa-Rack is a great way to attract deer to your property in the sp​ring and summer with its blend of grazing alfalfas that are high in protein. Chic Magnet is a great planting for spring and summer that is composed of WINA-100 forage chicory that is more tender and palatable and less waxy than the traditional chicories. Extreme is composed of a seed blend of Persist Forb and WINA perennial forage chicory and is ensured to enable you to plant a successful perennial food plot in slightly poorer soil. Edge is a mix of Sainfoin variety, Persist Forb, specially selected X-9 Technology grazing alfalfas which are more leaf relative to stem and more palatable than ordinary hay alfalfas, and WINA-100 perennial forage chicory that provide up to 44% of antler-building protein. Sunn Hemp is great for providing aid in erosion control, soil improvement, and stifling of root-knot nematodes, and it is a swift establishing legume that makes a great summer rotation crop. Powerplant is a mix of specially chosen annuals, soybeans, and peas with sunflowers and Sunn Hemp as a lattice to provide massive tonnage and high protein.

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