Fall Seed Planting

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Whitetail Institute's Fall Seed Planting is perfect for attracting deer in the fall and winter months. These tend to be cold-resistant and come in many different varieties of plantings. Winter Greens is a good late-season planting that consists of WINA brassicas and small amounts of Whitetail Institute Tall Tine Turnips. Whitetail's Clover is the only clover designed for whitetail deer and is extremely high in protein content. No plow is an easy planter that consists of exclusive clovers, brassica, WINA 412 Radish, and cereal grains. Tall Tine Tubers is composed of a new turnip variety that has been developed for over 6 years; it has two food sources, foliage above ground and tubers underground. Fusion is a popular mix of Clover and Chicory and provides up to 44% of antler building protein. Whitetail Oats Plus is a winter-hardy, high in sugar content oat that is great for attracting deer in the early fall season. Beets and Greens are made of the annual seed varieties such as kale, turnip, radish, and sugar beets and is made for planting to attract deer in the fall. Secret spot is good for planting in any smaller or remote food plots and is composed of a broad range of 11 forages that are specially selected and combined to create maximum attraction. Along with these are so many other great winter plantings in this category.

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