Commercial Roofing Primers and Adhesives

CertainTeed Commercial Roofing Primers and Adhesives include Flintprime and Flintbond. Flintprime is a water-based asphalt self-adhering primer, and it is made to be applied to a surface to promote adhesion and prepare it for self-adhering roofing membranes. Flintprime dries quickly, is light bodied, seals pores, and applies easily. It is compatible with concrete surfaces, gypsum board, metal, plywood, and wood (first, make sure that all surfaces are free of dirt, dust, gravel, loose granules, oil, peeling paint and all other foreign materials before applying). Flintbond is a bitumen adhesive that is made up of a professional grade polymer modified flashing cement that has been formulated for use with bitumen base sheets, membranes and ply sheets. Plus, it is manufactured using select asphalt, fibers, rubber and solvent which makes this adhesive great for conventional built up roofing membranes. Flintbond Bitumen Adhesive is also ideal where hot kettles and propane torches are prohibited and it eliminates burn hazards. This becomes favorable over other options with its elongation and recovery properties, enhanced cold temperature pliability and excellent bonding strength.

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