HydroShield Housewraps

The HydroShield Housewraps was engineered to keep you PROTECTED BY THE SHIELD preventing any infiltration of air, wind, or dust to the interior wall meanwhile still allowing water vapor to escape. Available in two options, Hydroshield House Wrap Plus and HydroShield Housewrap HP are UV resistant and can remain uncovered for up to 6 months. The Hydroshield House Wrap Plus meets and exceeds all current building codes for water resistive barriers as well as an air barrier with a mil thickness of 6.5. The HydroShield Housewrap HP can drain in every direction as it was designed with a thickness of 8 mils and 360-degree drainage, no matter the substrate.

Hydroshield Housewrap HP
HydroShield Housewrap HP (Pallet of 50) (8 Mils)
Price: $5,723.19
Sale Price: $5,150.87
Hydroshield Housewrap Plus
HydroShield Housewrap Plus (Pallet of 50) (6.5 Mils)
Price: $2,908.08
Sale Price: $2,617.27
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