A&F Wood

Pocket doors are a practical solution for homes tight on space and for homeowners who prefer a more attractive, sleek alternative to full-swing doors. A&F Wood’s 6/8 KD Pocket Door Frame Kit includes all of the hardware and material necessary to assemble your pocket door frame. The 6/8 KD  Frame Kit includes a 3 x 6 ft. 8 in. frame with supporting steel wrapped stiffeners and a three-wheel 125lb. hanger system. Extension kits include the 6/8 KD Frame Kit and the materials needed to extend the 6/8 KD frame to 3 x 7 ft. or 3 x 8 ft. 

Soft Close and Converging Door kits are also available to purchase as accessories to your A&F Wood Knocked Down Universal Pocket Door Frame Kit. The A&F Soft Close Kit allows your doors to ease into a closed position, which can prevent injuries, such as pinched fingers. The Converging Door Kit is used to connect two pocket door frames together for bi-parting applications. 

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