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Tie Down

Tie Down manufactures a wide range of high-quality products through their different divisions including Tie Down Safety, Roof Zone, TranzSporter, and TranzVolt. Tie Down Safety manufactures dependable products geared towards fall protection, including warning lines and guardrails, roofing anchors, ladder safety docks, the Tie Down Penetrator Mobile Fall Protection Devices, and other safety accessories. Roof Zone features a line of residential and commercial roofing products such as ladder accessories, shingle cutters, and shingle removers. The TranzSporter Line manufactures ladder hoists designed for lifting shingles and other materials up a ladder quickly and safely. The TranzVolt Line features ladder lifts that can be set up in under five minutes and operate using a wireless remote control. Additional great Tie-Down products and accessories are also available to help with roofing or marine-related projects.