CertainTeed Vinyl Soffit

CertainTeed Vinyl Soffit Installed

CertainTeed Vinyl Soffit Vents protect the home's exterior materials and structure, as well as increase energy savings and comfort inside of the home. Available soffit vents from CertainTeed include the Perimeter Triple 3-1/3in. and Universal Triple 4in. Both style vents come in lengths of 12ft. (returnable) and 6ft. (non returnable) as well as a vented option and a solid non-vented option. The options for both solid soffit vents are intended for eave installation, as well as vertical siding applications. The vented option for the Perimeter Triple 3-1/3in. is intended for installation on eaves only and features a hidden style vent with 9.65 square inches of Net Free Area. Universal Triple 4in. Vented Soffit is fully vented, intended for installation on eaves only, and comes with 5.90 square inches of Net Free Area. Corresponding accessories for the CertainTeed vinyl soffit, such as F Channel and J Channel, are also available located under the Related Products section of the soffit product pages.

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