Protective Industrial Products (PIP)

Protective Industrial Products, also known as PIP, is a leading manufacturer in hand protection, PPE, and other safety products. Some of their product offerings include arm protection, coveralls, head protection, hand protection, ear protection, safety glasses, and safety vests. Arm protection products feature the Kevlar Blended Sleeve which comes with a Smart Fit and Elastic Thumb for full-length arm cut protection on applications that require large object handling. Coveralls from PIP include the Posi Wear M3 which is manufactured with five layers of material and provides a high level of breathability and protection against dry particulates and water-based light liquid sprays. PIP head protection products include the Dynamic Whistler Cap Style Hard Hat, which is made up of UV stabilized High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and has a 4-point quick-release pin-lock suspension. Hand protection products feature disposable, medical grade latex gloves and a wide range of work gloves for many different jobs. The PIP Mega Bullet Soft Polyurethane Foam Ear Plugs provide stellar and gentle ear protection as it softly expands inside of the ear canal for a full day of comfort. Safety Glasses from PIP are rimless and keep your eyes protected from dust and debris. Safety Vests are a Hi Vis Yellow Mesh Zipper Vest that is available in multiple sizes to choose from. All Protective Industrial Products come in a single pack count as well as a multi pack count, allowing for you to save more money when buying in bulk.