RGC Products

RGC platform hoists and swing hoists make easy transportation of roofing materials possible without the use of heavy equipment or machinery. Platform hoists safely and efficiently lift materials at 200 and 400 lb. capacities, depending on the option chosen. The RGC Classic Platform Hoist is available with a Honda Gas, Briggs and Stratton, or Electric motor. The RGC Pivoting Platform Hoist is available with a Honda Gas or Briggs and Stratton motor. Each platform hoist from RGC has a different total length of ladders associated with it. The RGC Classic model ladders have a total of 28 ft. of track sections and the Pivoting Platform model has a total length of 44 ft.

Also available from RGC Products is their line of swing hoists. Swing hoists are constructed with heavy duty steel tubing to ensure reliability and longevity. The RGC Bi Directional Swing Hoist is a powerful piece of equipment that can literally lift a ton. The self locking hydraulic boom can lift materials at speeds up to 160 fpm. It is offered with a Honda 13 HP Gas Engine HydraPak and the HydraWinch HD.