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Siding Brakes

Siding Brake Chart

Tapco and Van Mark aluminum siding brakes are essential equipment for bending and forming materials ranging from vinyl, aluminum, copper to galvanized and stainless steel. Siding brake lengths can range in size from 2ft for small bends up to the 14’ 6’ industrial brake for the serious siding contractors. All brakes are portable regardless of size; add a wheeled leg stand for maximum portability. The Tapco Maximum XL 14’ 6’ and the Van Mark Industrial Trim Master 14’ 6’ siding brakes have stands included. Download the aluminum brake reference guide to help you find the perfect brake.

Download Brake Comparison Chart

Siding Brake Features

  • Bend vinyl, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel
  • Portable
  • Hemming ability (on most brakes)
  • Throat depths from 14" to 20"
  • Ready for siding brake accessories
  • Replacement parts available