Tapco Saw Tables & Accessories

The Tapco ProTrax and MaxTrax Saw Tables are recommended when siding jobs require cutting multiple angles at once. These saw tables can cut angles ranging from 3/12 to 12/12 and accommodate circular saws up to 7-1/4in. Optional booms and extensions are also available for projects that require a wider table, including: siding, soffit, and decorative siding profiles. The main difference between the two Tapco saw tables is that the ProTrax saw tables have a 13in. deck width, while the MaxTrax saw tables have a 20in. wide deck to accommodate for wider panels. Optional accessories such as the ProTrax Deck Extender, MaxTrax Boom, and Snap Stand are sold separately. Both the ProTrax and the MaxTrax saw tables are lightweight and durable tubular framed systems.