HAVEN Lock is a American manufacturer that produces wedge locks as a secondary lock for extra security. These locks are 10 times stronger than a deadbolt and work on a range of different floors. If the door can pass over a nickel standing vertical on its side, then it is compatible with HAVEN Lock. HAVEN Lock is easy to install with VHB tape or screw anchors into the floor, and it is easy to remove as well. HAVEN Lock is available in Mech (the Mechanical lock), Connect, and Connect Z-Wave. The Hub can also be purchased separately. The Mechanical lock is the basic wedge lock that has a foot pedal to lock and unlock the wedge by raising and lowering it, while Connect works with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and can be paired with the HAVENLock mobile app. Connect (Z-Wave) works with Z-Wave Plus and requires a Z-Wave Hub or panel that has its own app. Then there are Connect bundles with just the key fob or with the key fob and Hub.

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