HydroShield Fall Protection

HydroShied Fall Protection Roofer Tying Off

The HydroShield Premium Fall Protection Kit contains everything you need to stay safe from accidental falls while working on a roof. The bucket comes equipped with everything needed to keep you safe while on the rooftop. The fall protection components that are included with the HydroShield roofing bucket are the bucket, a tongue and buckle 5 point adjustable harness, a 50ft. lifeline assembly with a shock absorber that integrates an 18in. extension, a heavy-duty temporary reusable hinged roof anchor, a single-use roof anchor, and fasteners for the roofing. Each roofing fall protection component, except for the bucket, is also sold separately in case an extra or a replacement of that specific item is needed. HydroShield Fall Protection products are easy to use, have a worker capacity range of 130 - 310 lbs., and will keep you PROTECTED BY THE SHIELD.