Titan February 2024 Promotion


Titan provides all the necessary equipment for an easy to set-up Pump Jack Scaffold System. Titan’s scaffolding equipment is designed to help you get the job done at an affordable price. The Pump Jack is used to raise and lower a scaffolding platform. Titan offers Aluminum Pump Jack Poles to set the height of the scaffolding. The Pump Jack Brace will secure the poles to the work wall. All other products such as the Heavy Duty Pole Anchor, Aluminum Pump Jack Bench, Aluminum Pump Insert, and Mud Shoe are essential for safety and stability. Their products are perfect for shingling, siding, building, as well as construction, insulating, roofing and home repair. All Titan products are OSHA-compliant and have a one year warranty for manufacturer defects.

Titan 24 Foot Pump Jack Kit (4 12 Foot Poles)
Price: $1,574.39
Sale Price: $1,416.79
Titan Aluminum Pump Insert
Price: $87.53
Sale Price: $78.77
Titan Aluminum Pump Jack
Price: $219.94
Sale Price: $186.93
Titan Aluminum Pump Jack Bench
Price: $125.14
Sale Price: $112.61
Titan Heavy Duty Pole Anchor
Price: $66.33
Sale Price: $59.68
Titan Aluminum Pump Jack Poles
Price: $99.96
Sale Price: $89.94
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Titan Pump Jack Brace
Price: $63.84
Sale Price: $54.26
Titan Mud Shoe
Price: $27.61
Sale Price: $24.85
Titan Pump Jack Safety Net
Price: $219.41
Sale Price: $197.47