Mount Blocks

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Mid-America Mount Blocks are designed to serve a purpose and blend in with the rest of the beauty of the home. These mount blocks conceal unsightly cuts and work with different siding types such as Insulated, Dutch Lap, Triple 3 or standard vinyl.Mid-America carefully designed it’s mount blocks to fit and match the colors of America’s most popular siding manufacturers. Vinyl mount blocks are ideal for concealing cut ends and providing a flat, uniform surface on lap siding or stone to mount fixtures, outlets, spigots and more.

Available in 4 different variations, Electrical, Insulated, Standard and Water Management. Electrical Blocks are designed to keep electrical wires in place while saving time. Each Electrical Block is UL listed so you can make electrical connections over top of housewrap. Insulated Siding Block are specifically designed to be used with insulated siding.  The locking positions of the Insulated Siding Blocks are larger than the Standard Mounting Block to accommodate the extra thickness of insulated siding. Standard Mounting Blocks are perfect for mounting spigots to gas meters because of the wide range of color,  size and style options. Water Management blocks are specifically engineered to reduce water retention in your home. These block can be used with fiber cement siding and come in multiple size, color and style options to ensure a fit for your project.