Mid-America Standard Shutters

Mid-America Vinyl Shutters

Mid-America standard shutters are offered in standard lengths and widths and are only available in widths ranging from 12in. to 14-3/4in. and lengths ranging from 25in. up to 80in. long. Mid-America shutters are composed of injection molded vinyl in your choice of 20 standard colors and can be applied to surfaces including wood, aluminum, vinyl, stucco, hardboard, brick, fiber cement, or masonry. Mid-America recommends not painting the color molded shutters and instead offers a paintable (030) option that can be painted with 100% high-quality acrylic paint. All standard shutters are non-functional, meaning they do not open and close. They have a flat back that is simply nailed or screwed onto a hard surface for decorative purposes. Each shutter pair includes the necessary hardware for installation, including Shutter-Lok fasteners and zinc coated shutter screws that have a paintable head to match the shutter color. The shutter hardware can also be purchased separately in case more is needed for installation.

If you purchase the Mid-America Vinyl Shutter Sample Color Kit, you will receive $5 off your next shutter purchase automatically. Both discounts are calculated automatically at checkout.

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