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Van Mark Brakes

Van Mark aluminum siding brakes are machines designed to bend, crease, or hem various materials including: vinyl, soft aluminum, galvanized steel, trim, and even copper coil. Van Mark metal brakes are perfect for making custom pieces on the job site such as siding trim, soffit, fascia, window casing, drip edges, gutters, and roof flashing. Van Mark has made history in the metal bending industry by introducing one of the best locking systems, the Power Lock™ bar for better clamping force and the deepest brake throat depth of 20". With the combination of these features and by using accessories such as the TrimCutter and the TrimFormer, Van Mark metal brakes can help you produce precise cuts and designs, which will be helpful for any gutter, roofing or siding projects.

Depending on what material you need to bend, and what projects you are working on, will determine which Van Mark siding brake will work best for you. Available in throat depths from 13” to 20” and in lengths ranging from 2’ to 14’ 6”. The Trim-A-Brake II is a great entry level siding brake. If you only need to form basic shapes and limited bends, this Port-O-Bender is lightweight and easy to carry around a job site or load onto a truck.

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