New Tech Machinery

New Tech Machinery offers a selection of Mach II Gutter Machines designed to make aluminum coils into K-style functional gutters for commercial or residential use. NTM gutter machines are available in three options, Mach II 5”, Mach II 6”, and Mach II 5”-6” combo, which produce that size-width gutter. These machines are compatible with coil specifications: 30 - 24 gauge steel, 0.019 - 0.032 inches painted aluminum, or 16 - 20 oz. copper.

Gutter Machine Accessories can be used to maximize the production of gutters such as turnstile reel stands, coil cradles, stands, and remote controls. You can also add customized designs right into the side of your gutters with NTM GutterArt (sold separately).

Also available is the 7" Box Gutter Machine, which is recommended for creating gutters for large commercial buildings, and the SSR MultiPro Jr. Roof Panel Machine designed to run up to 30 feet of panel per minute.