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Titanium UDL 50 Synthetic Underlayment

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Product Information


Titanium UDL-50 is an underlayment that provides a commercial grade level protection from air, water, and vapors. This underlayment can be applied to all kinds of roofs, including: metal, clay, slate, concrete tiles, and even heavyweight laminated asphalt shingles. UDL50 is 100% synthetic, therefore totally unaffected by water, which means it is 100% inert to mold, lays flat, will not wrinkle and you can leave your roof uncovered without the need for tarps or immediate dry-in. Unlike felts, UDL50 does not dry out, leach oils in the heat, nor does it become stiff, difficult to roll or crack in the cold.

Titanium UDL50 must be covered by primary roofing within 180 days of application. To install, make sure the deck surface is dry and free of any debris. For slopes 2:12 and higher UDL50 is to be laid out horizontally (parallel) to the eave with the printed side up. The use of a roofing hammer, hatchet hammer, pneumatic air or gas driven fastener tool is acceptable. For more specific directions, please see Installation Instructions below.

Compare to HydroShield 50 Synthetic Underlayment, FT Synthetics Hydra Synthetic Underlayment


  • Patented SURE-FOOT™ slip resistant nodular walking surface and an advanced resin technology that provide superior steep slope walk-ability
  • Tougher, thicker robust construction for commercial applications and harsh environmental conditions
  • 5 times lighter and 25 times stronger than #30 felt
  • Contributes to LEED® points (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)
  • SCS certified minimum of 20% reclaimed content (100% Recyclable)
  • Class A Fire ASTM E108
  • Meets and exceeds ASTM D226 felt standard
  • All-temperature flexibility (-40 degree F to 240 degree F) & up to 6 month UV exposure
  • Synthetic construction inert to mold growth
  • Cool light gray surface, doesn't expand or contract


  • Length Per Roll: 250’ / 76.2 m
  • Width Per Roll: 48” / 122 cm
  • Weight Per Roll: 48 lbs / 21.8 kg
  • Roll Size: 10 sq / 93 m²
  • Minimum Thickness: 30 mils (0.75mm)

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