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Owens Corning Deck Defense Premiuim Synthetic Underlayment

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The Owens Corning Deck Defense Premiuim Synthetic Underlayment is composed of 100 percent engineered polyolefin with a specially coated, textured, and engineered top layer that provides traction. Deck Defense provides long-term moisture protection and acts as a secondary water-shedding barrier that is also non-absorbant. When exposed to water intrusion, deck defense reduces it. This synthetic underlayment also helps to shield your home during a roof installation and can stay intact during high winds. Deck Defense is constructed to reduce chances of tearing that can cause leaks, and the durable synthetic construction also helps with tear resistance when walked on. Plus, it can protect your roof deck for up to 6 months of exposure to UV. Owens Corning backs Deck Defense Synthetic Underlayment with a 30-year limited warranty.

Compare to Hydroshield 50 Synthetic Underlayment


  • Does not curl or wrinkle when exposed to moisture
  • Unique woven technology and coated surface aides in traction, even when wet
  • Nailing aids for proper application, both in standard and high wind areas
  • Light gray color reduces roof temperature when exposed
  • Repels and sheds water
  • Unique bottom surface coating reduces the chance for tears that would cause leaks
  • Extra wide rolls cover approximately 5 times more than standard felt rolls
  • Preprinted nailing pattern and overlap lines help speed installation


  • Roll Size: 10 sq.
  • Length: 250 ft.
  • Width: 48 in.
  • Weight: 31 lb.
  • Approx. 15 mil thick
  • Coverage (with a 3 in. overlap): 937 sq. ft.
  • Exposed Color: Light Grey
  • Surface Construction: Coated textured poly

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