Tapco Pro Cut Off Gauge

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Tapco Pro Cut Off Gauge (1 Pair)

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Manufacturer Part Number: 12250

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The Tapco Pro Cut Off Gauge includes a pair of gauges, one for each side of your Tapco Pro Series or Tapco Maximum XL siding brake. This tool helps to quickly and safely make factory-quality cuts right on your brake. This gauge provides single-pass cutting precision, eliminating the need for dangerous utility knives and open blades, as well as the costly knifing damage they can cause. Tapco's Pro Cut Off Gauge has an ergonomic grip that allows for smooth, sure-handed operation.


  • Makes cuts faster without measuring each cut
  • Simplifies cutting
  • Lightweight aluminum construction is built to last
  • Application: Tapco PRO 14, Tapco PRO 19 and the Tapco MAX-I-MUM XL


  • Capacities: All vinyl; Aluminum up to .030; Galvanized steel up to 28 ga; Copper up to 16 oz

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Tapco Pro Cut-Off Gauge on Brake Tapco Pro Cut-Off Gauge on Brake