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Van Mark 24 Inch Coil Dispenser

Manufacturer Part Number: CD24
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The Van Mark 24in. Coil Dispenser protects trim coil and keeps it rolled tight while allowing the material to be dispensed. It free standing and sets up quickly. This Coil Dispenser has non-marring rollers where the trim coil will rest on. These rollers restrict damage on material as it is being fed through the Coil Dispenser. Van Mark manufacturers the Coil Dispenser to allow materials to be fed directly into most brakes, saw tables and slitters. Please Note: The Van Mark TrimCutter is sold separately and is not included with the Coil Dispenser.
Used with standard 24" rolls of .019 to .024 trim coil
Can accommodate 11 5/8" and 11" standard .024 and .027 gutter coil
Allows placement of coil for easy cutting
Built in guide for TrimCutter for precise square cuts
Put coil where you need it during use
Compatible with many Siding Brakes, Slitters, and Gutter Machines
Max Coil Width: 24in.
Max Weight Capacity: 80 lbs.
Warranty: 1 Year

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